My African Playlist – Nothing beats the African beat

By Daniella Djiogan

There’s nothing better than hearing a song which brings back good old memories…Oh Africa! how I miss you.

 Voila String by Meiway  – Popular back in the day singer from Ivory Coast. This song was the national anthem at all Cameroonian parties…Mommy, I wanna go back to those fun days!

 Magic System: Un gaou a Paris 

By far my fav group of all time. Their songs always makes me want to stand on my feet and dance my ass-out… If I ever get a chance, I want to just meet them and of-course ask for an autograph…ca serai genial!

Magic system, all day any day!

This particular song is about the struggles of an African in France. They all think the grass is greener on the other side, but it might not just be the case.

Premier Gaou by Magic System

All Africans know this song even though it’s in French. If you are African, and you don’t know this song, then you must be of the new generation…. sob* sob* sob*


Personally & Chop my money by P-Square – Popular Nigerian musicians…hotness overflow, sad that they’re married (I think). Their songs are just so catchy!


Kukere by Iyanya – I just recently found this song desperately waiting for me to hear it, love it, and dance to it.


Voodoo Child by Angelique Kidjo – It’s a smooth song about Voodoo magic, how God knows she’s a voodoo child, Standing next to a mountain, meeting someone on the other side.. I don’t know what the song is about…but the beat is just right (PERFECTION in my ears)

Alane by Wes Madiko- Another smooth song. Just listen, listen, listen closely…what can you hear??? Nothing but sweet memory overflow!


Lastly, Waka Waka the original version, not Shakira’s waka waka, but Zangalewa’s waka waka “Zamina” FROM CAMEROON!!!

Don’t ask me what this song means cause I don’t know..There are more than 200 languages in Cameroon. I only speak one. Also, I know the video looks funny, and it seems like they were drunk and high when they shot this video..hahahaaa…but that’s why we love it.

Sooo…anyways, I hope you enjoyed my little playlist. If you wanna know more African music or about the joy of being an African, let me know. I will try my best to brainwash you.

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