How Game of Thrones “got” My Social Media 

by Devina Gunawan

I have fallen into the bottomless pit of Game of Thrones post traumatic wake of season 5 finale. It was so bad it was good.

I remember I could not sleep for two nights after episode 8. I kept on thinking that the moment I fell asleep, the night’s king will touch my forehead and raise me as a wight like how he did the baby and everyone else who died during the bloody 8th episode.

And then the week after, I could not sleep for two nights because I was busy crying over Shireen’s death and well, I was really touched by Drogon’s return. It was horrible, watching the little girl die. And it was enchanting, watching Drogon fly into the scene to save his mother.

For those of you who know me, you know I draw. Like, more than I should, considering I have a busy life with an actual job. And my hobby goes hand in hand with blogging. Talk about a life!

So for a week straight I was sketching… my favorite people. At some point I sketched Bran, because I love him… but he was not in Season 5.

The season finale still haunts me till today. I still google up “Is Kit Harrington coming back in Season 6?” and “Theories about Jon Snow’s return” every night, religiously. I have now associated my prayers with a “Please, please help George write faster so that he will finish the series before… well, how old is he again?” request, every night.

So might as well share the drawings with you so that it does not feel like I wasted a week of emotional sketching for no release at all. This could be my therapy, come to think of it.

Apologies to all my friends on Instagram! I am sure you are sick of these sketches already… and to Twitter friends, I am so sorry for the season finale spoilers..



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