The Definition of Beauty

by Devina Gunawan

The world defines beauty differently. And we choose what is closest, what is most exposed in our community.

Long lashes that are dark and almost like curtains. Symmetrical facial structures. Perfectly done eyebrows. Small noses, because Cyrano de Bergerac never got the girl. The Kylie Jenner lips that broke many teenagers’ lips for weeks.

These are what a lot of people respond to as pretty.

The truth is, everyone has different definitions and ideas of things. Everyone has different views on beauty.

I personally believe that everyone is beautiful. Like Beyonce says, she is “Flawless.”

And nowadays everyone can get plastic surgeries and makeup. Everyone can look like Kim Kardashian when she wants to.

But a good friend of mine told me, “The more make up, the thicker it is, the more plastic surgeries a woman has… all of them just show how ugly she truly is.” Of course, being a guy, he cannot tell them from time to time. But he has a pretty solid definition of what beauty is to him.

But the thicker one’s makeup is, the more plastic surgeries one has, the more she acknowledges that she is not beautiful. It is like she needs a constant upgrade. She is embracing the world’s definition of beauty and denying her own natural beauty.

It is one’s way to say, “Actually, I am not beautiful,” when she puts on thick powder and goes under the knife.

Many other women go their own ways. They know that they are beautiful no matter what others say. They know they do not need makeup to feel confident. To love themselves.

They simply define beauty themselves. And believe it or not, the world starts noticing them. Before you know it, many other women start looking up to these natural beauties who are not ashamed of their looks.

Beauty is a force, and I believe that nobody should let anyone to force a definition upon her life. I am not blind, and I can tell when a girl is beautiful because of the world forcing the definition on her, and when a girl is beautiful in her own force.

Beauty belongs to its owner, and unless you acknowledge your own beauty, you will forever let the world define what you are to the rest. And I personally think you should not give in to what the world has to dictate. Your beauty is much more powerful than that.

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