Project Princesses on Social Media

by Devina Gunawan

I figured that if social media had been included in fairy tale stories that I grew up with, things would have been so different. Mind this, that if the princesses had been more exposed to what was going on in the world, they would know better.

This would mean Aurora or Rapunzel, who basically grew up isolated from the world and other people.

So I started a project, for fun. I had found templates for Instagram posts, and I decided to go for it.

Here are the first two of my mini projects:

cinderella01 Snowwhiteinstagram

I had always thought that if only Cinderella wasn’t so isolated. If only she had a Facebook account or something, on which she could write about how she was the mystery girl at the ball, it would be so helpful.

Also, if Snow White had been more exposed and known exactly what her stepmother was up to thanks to following her blog or something, she would have been prepared.

And I enjoy this so much. It’s been fun to sketch and laugh at the result.

So far it has been just rough drafts, but I am going to continue with this project with the other princesses later on this week.

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