If guys had their periods….

By Daniella Djiogan

Here’s a sneak-peak of what will happen if guys had their periods;


  • There’s going to be a five day public holiday called ‘International Men Periods Week’.
  • Many guys will faint at the sight of blood.
  • I can’t even begin to imagine my brother buying pads…haha!
  • When he’s in a bad mood, we’re gonna be like…”Are you on your PERIOD?”
  •  That will be the end of sagging…at least for five days.
  • Imagine a guy talking non-stop about his feelings…unbearable (women were built to do that…hehehe!!!).
  • It will be a pretty funny sight to see, don’t you think? Ewww, I just imagined it, and it doesn’t seem right.
  • Wouldn’t that mean they would be able to give birth???…no no no…they wouldn’t be able to stand the pain, not for two minutes.
  • Menopause; another weird thing to visualize a guy having.
  • I can see them exaggerating their pain to get away from doing stuffs…..they will use it as an excuse for everything.
  • There will be a pad commercial with guys carrying weights and claiming how fun it is to be on their period.
  • I doubt any guy will use tampons.
  • Some will be shy to talk about it, while others will literally be like “OMG, I just had my period yesterday, and blah blah blah….”
  • They will basically become women; giving birth and stuffs….except that they wouldn’t have a “V”.




Image by The Meta Picture

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