Feminism 201- The Modern Woman

by Daniella Djiogan

Society says she’s promiscuous because she wears a short skirt

She’s paid less than her male co-worker because she’s a woman

She wears tons of makeup in order to hide her insecurities

She can’t be the president or CEO because that’s a male dominant occupation

She must be married by her 27th birthday or she’s considered an outcast

They say she deserves to be raped

She’s sexually harassed by her boss

In order to get a promotion, she needs to kiss his ass

Beauty is her admission ticket not her brains

She needs to fake being dumb and weak in order for her relationship to work

She needs to be sexual in order to sell her records

When she earns more than her companion, she’s frowned upon

Her independence and overflowing confidence is a threat to guys

She’s verbally abused by her partner because she gained weight

Her life is straight-up dictated to her from birth by society.

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