One Starless Night

by Devina Gunawan

One moment and it’s gone, another

Beat and mercy takes off. He lets

Go completely, of this hold, mine,

Love, don’t walk away.

Eyes to eyes, there is no trust. There

Remains a glimpse of affection, hardly

Any love. Then his steps drift away—wait,

Please come back, come back.

Heart, mine hurts. His hurts more.

My words stuck in my throat, chest

Stabbed, a million times. Let me in,

Don’t shut me out.

Too late, it’s done. I trace back my steps,

And weep. He is beautiful, even with

Tears in his eyes, beautiful. Painful,

But goodbye is near.

My arms fight to keep him. Let me

Have my last moment. Please—

Stay here for another minute, let me

Hold you when I still can.

It hurts, he says, your touch hurts. Mine

And broken, distant and untouched. In

A few seconds he isn’t mine anymore.

Will I live if I let him go?

Stay—for now please. But he won’t, and I

Understand. My eyes dried out, no more

Tears, no more smile, no more feeling,

No more of him and me.

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