Our Pursuit of Perfection: Botched

By Daniella Djiogan

For the past few days, I have been addicted, I mean literally ADDICTED to this one particular show called Botched. It’s a show about two doctors who try their best to fix plastic surgeries gone wrong. In this show, you literally see everything from a bad nose job which led to breathing problems


to Cement Face (Cement injected in her face by an uncertified neighbor)

download (29)

Breast Augmentation Obsession


Justin Bieber Look-alike (wannabe)


and finally… my personal fav; Human Barbie Doll Justin Jedlica; the human doll with 190 surgical procedures. Wow!


After watching season 1 & 2, because I have lots of time on my hand, I just wanna say;

We all have in-securities, and I am all for – if you feel very in-secured about something-if it has bothered you for so long to the point of depression, then do it. Get it fixed.

If it’s a health risk/concern, then go for it.

But, if it’s not necessary, then don’t. After all, out of the millions of people who pursue perfection in surgical procedures, more than 10 percent of them are unfortunate enough to be botched. So, if you are ever thinking of getting something done, think about it, and watch this show. It’s amazing. It will certainly make you love yourself and appreciate your imperfections, because things could be worst.

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