The Instagram Experiment

by Devina Gunawan

I have always wondered how bloggers did it. How people would follow a certain account on Instagram and why.

I fancy social media, and I know that they are able to do great things, or bad, to a person’s life.

Given this, I have decided to have my own Instagram experiment. In which, I created an account, special for my artworks only, to see what kind of things or hashtags or activities that will draw in or push away followers.

To be honest, my personal account looks messy and I have a feeling that a lot of my friends have grown tired of looking at my drawings. I almost never display my life in public, because my pride and joy is my hobby, and I doubt that my friends appreciate that much.

So day 1-4:


So for those of y’all who are social media experts, what do you suggest? Should I shut down my little experiment? Or should I continue? If yes, how long do you think I should hold it out for?

And, how does “Follow for follow” work? Is that something I should consider trying? 

And those instafame thing that’s been around? Should I try them? 

6 thoughts on “The Instagram Experiment

  1. It depends on people from which countries are you trying to catch their attention. For example, in my the Middle East region, specifically the Gulf, people are not familiar with blogging yes as Facebook popularity has decreased. However, Instagram is very popular here as well as Snatchat.
    So try to include hashtags with names of countries, and also follow many famous artists from all around the world and be active on their Instagrams’ pages.

    Give it sometime and don’t give up.

    Best luck

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  2. I enjoy using Instagram to put my work out there but i often worry that it’s more a popularity contest than a platform, I can imagine creating an account containing nothing more than pictures of poop and still, if you used the right hashtags, you could still have a decent amount of followers.

    Sometimes I think it’s best to let your work speak for itself and gather a following of people who are truly interested in your work, and why wouldn’t they be your stuff is pretty amazing!

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    • Having said that I have been know to use the hashtags ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘instadaily’ and find that posts using these often get a few more likes as they’re reaching a much wider audience. 🙂 I find social media experiments like this quite interesting and am looking forward to your updates 🙂


    • Oh yea! I noticed the popularity contest too! A lot of people do Follow for Follow, which I wonder how effective it is if put to use, and I can see thousands of followers. Aw, thank you so much for being so supportive! Well, I hope I’ll discover a lot more of the way social media works with this little experiment. 🙂

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