To the Pretty Liars

by Devina Gunawan

Pity the liars. Pity those who have to alter their truth into a reality in which they have better positions. Pity the ones who cannot accept their chaos, their mistakes and flaws, but rather build an alternate reality in which they are the hero, or worse, the victim.

Pity those who do not feel the guilt of their lies. Those who have designed a trap for everyone around them. Those who have put themselves high up on a pedestal, refusing to let anyone come close to them.

Because the moment others see them, the world will see just what true deception is.

The alternate reality will eventually sink in, and you will buy it. It will sound like riddles, and you can never connect the dots. The liars know how to manipulate and cloud your judgment. They are familiar with emotions and the questionable nature of logic. And they are the masters of this game.

The liars live by the guiding light that the bigger the lies, the better. That the bigger their lies and the crazier their stories sound, the more believable they will be.

Oftentimes, they forget that with these lies they need to follow up. Oftentimes, they slip and fall.

And the moment they do, they will do everything in their power to stop the world from finding out the truth. From discovering that they have, instead of being a hero or victim, designed a whole tale for their own benefits.

Know that they are selfish, and the lies serve only their own purposes. They think not of their beloved ones, and it matters not whether you are their everything or not, they will slash you too if they have to.

They have no mercy, and their morality is close to nonexistence. They are able to even manipulate themselves, altering their own reality in order to make their lies ‘real.’

But it isn’t. Nothing is. Nothing but this: that they have ruined what is real in exchange of what is favorable. They are unable to accept their own mistakes. That they not only create a world dishonest, but put other people as their pieces on a chess board. It is a game that they have built, and they will keep on sacrificing others in order to win.

You are just another piece on their game of chess, and they will never learn.

So pity the liars. Pity them and their tricks. Pity them and their beliefs that they alone are not enough. That they need something such as another reality to be worthy. To mean something. Because they feel insecure without false power. And they rather build something so big to protect themselves, than fix their own mistakes and submit to their consequences.

Pity them, but be careful of them. Because they can cry a river and make you stop thinking for a while to listen to their lies. They can use you for their advantage. And you may never know, because they keep on building their lies and you will keep on buying them.

And pity me. Because I have been caught, in the pool of blood of my own lies.

Red handed, bare naked, and undeniably an ultimate lying machine. And this is not even my confession.

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