A Piece of my Diary

By Daniella Djiogan

As someone who has had lots of guy friends while growing up, I have always wondered about this specific question, can guys and girls truly be just friends-without having any further feelings other than friendship?

I have asked a few people about this question, but I always get answers on both sides.

Some say “yes: guys and girls can in fact be friends” while others say “no, without any hesitation.” When I ask them why? They often say, because one always ends up falling in love with the other. That really got me thinking about my friendships over the years. Have I or have one of my guy friends ever liked me in that way?

I personally think guys and girls can just be friends. But I also think sometimes, feelings can get in the way of friendship. I would confess, I have had feeling for some of my guy friends. It just happens. Perhaps because they are the closest to me, they understand me, my character, they respect me, and I feel comfortable around them.

I remember liking one of my guy friends. We were so close. You know, you guys just talk about everything, you guys know each other so well. And naturally, I became drawn to that person. He probably still doesn’t know about it …so, let’s keep it a secret for the sake of my friendship… plzzzz.

But when this happens (cause it has happened more than once or twice), I can never bring myself to confess because of fear of being rejected and losing my friendship. That’s always the issue in such scenarios..isn’t it???

I wish I could just confess once…You know what? May be I should just get drunk, play spin the bottle, and then be dared to confess my feelings. But let’s be realistic, it might not work out as I envision.

Sigh* I wonder why things are so complicated.

Anyways, to make this shorter, I can only say, perhaps, guys and girls can be friends, except that at the end of the day, someone would most likely get the short end of the stick…”friend zoned”.

What do you think? Can Guys and Girls really just be friends????

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