When My Mom’s Dresses Make a Comeback

by Devina Gunawan

Fashion trends repeat. They tend to run around in circle, passing one era to another, because people get bored.

Because people always want something new, and miss something old, and miss the old new, and want the old old, and it just goes on and on.

I remember one day feeling so thrilled when I realized that I had never thrown away a lot of old stuff from my closet. I remember going to malls and seeing the copies of my old outfits worn by the mannequins. It was like deja vu.

I remember the days when girls wearing vintage were lame and laughed at.

And vintage became the new black and everyone wanted to look like they came straight out of a movie from the 80s.

It’s the beauty of fashion. And the wonder of old junks in your room. They might actually some day make a comeback.

My mother let me wear her old dresses from when she was my age. It was sometime when I got my first real job and did not know what to wear to the office most of the time.

People kept on asking me, “Where did you get that dress?”

And I could just smile.

“My mom’s closet.”

I was lucky enough that I grew into just the right size to wear my mother’s dresses. My mother’s 20 something year old self and I share the same body type and measurement, so close enough that I could easily slip into one of her dresses and scare the heck out of my father. Which, I did, by the way.

Don’t throw away the pretty dresses you got a long time ago. Or if you wear the same size as your mother, and hopefully she is like my mom, who doesn’t throw away beautiful, old dresses, then ask her if you could borrow them.

Fashion is an immortal being. It is almost impossible for it to get old, because it will always come back and become young again.

So do not give up on old stuff. Do not think they will never return or that you will never wear them again.

Because the world has not had enough of them, and when they are requested to make a comeback, you will want to dig into your closet and put them on again.

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