Step by Step

by Devina Gunawan

One step forward I took closer to your

Untouched image, unreachable place

One step back I took away from my

Flustered cheeks and skipped heartbeats

Two steps forward I took toward your

Generous smiles, warmth, and open arms

Two steps back I took to overcome fears

Of growing a force field of love

Three steps forward I took once you had

My hand in yours, my heart as well

Not a step back I went for as our hearts

Started to beat as one in harmony

Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten steps

Forward with you, hand in hand forever

Hundreds more to count and we grew restive

We swore to never look back, yet moving forward

A million steps passed and exhaustion took over

Once united now apart and broken beyond repair

Never did we think our path toured in circle

For now we came a million steps back to strangers again

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