Whatever Makes You Happy

by Devina Gunawan

I am guilty.

I have been telling a lot of people to be happy with themselves and the way they look. Because a part of me is angry at the society that has been dictating women on what is beautiful and what is not. And a lot of times, it shows in my lack of understanding of how women feel.

I remember one day telling a girl that she is beautiful the way she is, and that she does not need make up to feel beautiful.

Then she glares at me and says, “Well, easy for you to say.”

The society is full of pressures. And it depends on how one deals with them.

I am lucky to have been born with good genes and ignorance the size of the moon. I never have problems with the way I look because well, there isn’t much to complain about. Plus, I do not have time to think about my looks much.

But there are girls who struggle with their looks. There are girls who have been bullied for having weird facial features or for not being good enough.

There are girls who grow up being reminded that they are ‘ugly’ by their peers.

And to them I must say, do whatever makes you happy.

I know I have talked so much about no-makeup campaign and how it is freeing. But I speak from the part of my appreciation towards women’s beauty. The beauty that is raw and free. But it does not mean you should go out without your basic makeup, because your skin does need protection. And more than that, your heart needs protection too.

From the judgmental voice of society.

So if you need your daily routine of makeup because it frees you from judgment, then go ahead.

I too have seen many campaigns on #nomakeup or #makeupfree, done by celebrities, and I say, “That’s easy for you.” Because they are the ones who set the beauty standards. It is their faces that women obsess over. It is to look like them, and feel as beautiful as them. And really, wow, some women are just stunning without makeup.

To me, I will always encourage you to wear less, because I appreciate women the way they are.

I have met many ladies who are condemned ‘unattractive’ by the society and yet still go out without makeup. A lot of them, however, shine the brightest in the party ballroom because everyone knows them as the nicest people around.

Inner beauty shines brighter than fake lashes and bloody lipsticks.

That is true. But the secret of the most beautiful girls is not that.

The brightest thing there is, is a woman’s true happiness. And when she is truly happy, that is when she is most beautiful.

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