25 Superstitions that might actually be TRUE

By Daniella Djiogan

1.) If a black cat cries at night behind your house, someone in your family will die

2.) It’s bad luck to walk under a ladder black-cathttp-loneoceans.com_

3.) If you walk over someone’s legs, you will never grow taller

4.) If someone walks over your nails, they will come to hate you

5.) A cat’s curse last for nine years

6.) It’s bad luck to sweep at nightpick-up-penny-frugal-saving-luck-1000

7.) Finding a penny brings good luck

8.) Throwing salt over your shoulders drives evil spirits away

9.) Something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new will bring good luck to your marriage.

10.) The groom shouldn’t see the bride before the wedding…brings bad luck

11.) Garlic protects you from evil spiritsumbrella

12.) Opening an umbrella in-doors brings bad luck

13.) You are entitled to one wish if one of your eyelash falls off (and you blow it away)

14.) If you wish to see something at night, you will definitely see it in your dream

15.) It’s bad luck to sweep someone’s feet…they wouldn’t get marriedCTree (1)

16.) Walking alone under the Century tree at A&M will make you single for life

17.) If you eat alone in the darkness, then when you die, you wouldn’t be remembered

18.) If you say something you don’t want it to come true, then touch wood.

19.) You can wish onto a shooting starladder

20.) Buying a significant other shoes as a gift will be the end of your relationship

21.) If your palm is itching, then you will be getting money soon

22.) If you sneeze unexpectedly, then someone’s thinking about you

23.) If your right eye is twitching, it means either you’re gonna receive good news or bad news….depending on the culture.

24.) Friday the 13th is BADDDDD!!!!!four-leaf-clover

25.) A four leaf Clover is a lucky charm

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