12 Japanese Beauty Products You Have Probably Never Seen Before

By Daniella Djiogan

1.) Slim MOUTH piece or “Fat Face Slimming Tool

Sold at $1.29, this product is meant to slim face fat and also fix “ugly smile” according to the product description. Am I the only one wondering if this actually makes your face slimmer???….I haven’t tried it yet, but for the price of approx. one dollar, why not??


2.) EYE massage

Apparently, it massages the eyes, repairs dark circles, reduce under-eye bags, and fixes wrinkled skin. It just seems like it can also treat headaches…who knows???

face massage

3.) NOSE lift

You don’t need to go to the doctor anymore to get that perfect nose lift. Gone are the in-secured days, the days when you looked into the mirror and wondered “how many years will I save up to get that nose job?” …it’s gone. Now, to get the perfect nose, all you have to do is to buy this. After-all, people are actually buying this…just saying…

nose lift

4.) EYE lid trainer

Wanna get a double eyelid? For just 5 minutes a day for a month, at the low price of 10 dollars plus free shipping, you can get beautiful bigger eyelids.

For some reason, It seems weird and uncomfortable…but if it works, it works!


5.) JG Magic spoon face treatment AKA. Beauty small face skin treatment stick

I think you are suppose to roll it against your skin in-order to treat your skin and have a smaller face…. gotta love the creativity!


6.) Slim FACE….(Pretty self explanatory)

slim face

7.) Weird HUMAN pillow

Come on, this is just sad, but so creative. If you ever feel lonely, get one. Hug* Hug* #Comfy


weird human pillow

8.) Straight NOSE

I actually want to try this one..hehehe

straight nose

9.) Anti-aging Stretcher FACE Sauna

It looks like she’s in so much pain. I guess as they say, beauty comes with a price…in this case “PAIN”

Anti-aging Stretcher Face Sauna

10.) BODY Fit Roller

It’s suppose to make your body beautiful….I wonder how???


11.) Kuwaete Sukkiri TONGUE Exerciser 

It will help you exercise your mouth, tongue, and your facial muscle. Apparently, it’s flavored with grapefruits.

Tongue Exerciser

12.) Sleeping Anti-wrinkle Pad

Seems unsafe and uncomfortable. I mean, who sleeps in one position for the entire night?




Most of these products can be found on aliexpress, ebay, or Amazon…If you are ever interested in purchasing any of it.

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