Honey Lemon Experiment

by Devina Gunawan

So a lot of people told me that honey lemon could work magic. Honestly, I am not sure what the definition of magic here, but it sounded like a hell lot of fun.

A lot of people have done this, and they say it is like detox. Some say they lose weight. Some say they reach ‘healthy’ weight.

Some say their skin metabolism improves. Some say, well, I have lost my train of thoughts and I would just say, “a lot of magic.”

So I decided to have a glass of warm, honey lemon everyday and see what would happen.

Day 1: The first thing that hit me when I woke up in the morning was, “I need to go to the bathroom.”

And if this is what they call detox, then detox it is. Oh, and I got a zit. So day one has been pretty gloomy.

Oh, and I had the best sleep I’ve had in years.

Day 2: Zit stays. I am not happy with it.

I do not think I’ve lost any weight. Which is good, I think? I have been eating a lot lately.

Day 3: Zit is still there. Damn it.

I start coughing. But I start eating more too. So appetite has changed.

Day 4: Zit is still there. It has not left.

I got sore throat. Definitely eating more than usual. If anything I think I might be gaining weight thanks to this.

So after people around me convinced me, I decided to stop the experiment. Perhaps, when honey lemon does more good than bad to other people, it has the reverse effects on me.

I am not sure, of course, going to let this stop me from trying another experiment. Let’s see if my zit will be gone and sore throat will be slowly disappearing.

5 thoughts on “Honey Lemon Experiment

  1. What is the honey and lemon experiment?
    I drink warm honey and lemon juice when I have a sore throat and it fixes it within 2 days.
    So in surprised you actually got a sore throat!


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