TV Show Marathon Detox

by Devina Gunawan

Someone asked me a couple of months ago: “How do you get over a breakup?” “How do you deal with heartbreak?” “What happens when things fall apart in your life?”

To which I asked them, “You need entertainment?” Because rebounds are not exactly worth the time. Nor foods, really.

When they responded with a, “Yes,” I could only think of the one thing that got me over a lot of things.

So I am not exactly proud of it, but I have hit rock bottoms every now and then. I mean, I got rejected by schools, I had breakups, I got lost while trying to find my financial independence, and the list could go on.

Alcohol is fun, but the hangover isn’t so much. Girls night out is fun too, but your girlfriends tend to say the “wrong things” when you’re depressed. Rebounds will turn to regrets. Foods will also turn to regrets, be it binge eating or starving yourself. Exercises will turn into overexercising and it channels your anger.

So the best thing to do is to get out of reality and have a little brainwash. At least, for me, that is.

And there is only one thing that truly works on me:

TV Show Marathon.

And I have a list of TV shows to watch when it comes to this:

1. Once Upon a Time – what is better than a show full of the magic and fairy tales that you grow up with? It takes you away from the painful reality for a good few days, at least, and the true love is between a mother and her son. Unless your problem is relevant to anything they have, this is seriously a good show to take you out on a ride.


2. House – it makes you think. It makes you forget that love and success are of any importance. It makes you appreciate your life, and health. House is so good at showing us that “Hey, at least you’re not on your deathbed with a confusing disease.”


3. MasterChef – you are NOT the one Ramsey is yelling at! So be grateful! Don’t even go Hell’s Kitchen on me, because it makes me feel like my problems are so nice in comparison to Ramsey.


4. Gossip Girl – this show is a major fashion focused show, that you can’t help but pay more attention to how they dress instead of what is going on with the plot. That is my case, to be honest. So while for other people GG is drama, for me it is a fashion show with stories. Besides, you can’t tell me you can look at headbands and not think, “I should buy one” after watching GG.


5. Merlin – this was my ultimate detox. Merlin is focused on the bromance between Merlin and Arthur, so it really doesn’t hurt. There isn’t much of ‘great love’ stories and if you know the show you will know that despite his greatness, Merlin has to settle with mediocre life. It kind of makes you feel better about yourself.


6. Game of Thrones – “I wish to confess…” that Game of Thrones is totally my jam. This show is ridiculous. It takes you out of the world right away and it sucks you right into their kingdoms and families and drama. Sick. And if you haven’t seen this show or read the books yet, “You know nothing.”


7. The Big Bang Theory – need I say more? This show is, pardonnez-moi, Sheldon Cooper heavy and it is definitely light and fluffy. You wish you could be Sheldon, emotionally detached and an “R2Dbag” product. I always turn to Big Bang whenever I need a good laugh.


8. Friends – because ‘Friends’ is your friend too. And who doesn’t love sitcoms? They make fun of what’s supposedly depressing. It helps us laugh at our own life situations. Because truly, in the end, it’s not so bad after all.


9. Suite Life of Zack and Cody / Suite Life on Deck – anything of the old Disney shows, really, can work the magic. They remind you of your childhood and those happy days when love and success aren’t the keys to happiness. You simply needed ice cream to be truly happy with your life when you were growing up, and whatever happened to that? I remember the days when my favorite time of the day was That’s So Raven and it alone was enough to make me happy.


10. Glee – they have every song to every mood! Or most of them, at least. Glee is like the best therapy, because a lot of time you just need to sing your heart out. And Glee has most of the songs you need! It works like magic. I love, love, love Glee.


So that’s my list of detox. What’s yours?

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