Current Trends You See Everywhere

by Devina Gunawan

1. Perfectly trimmed eye brows or tattooed


It is almost impossible for me to run into a girl whose eyebrows are still 100% intact. Most girls I see today have at least 30% of their eyebrows gone, and some suddenly have eyebrows when previously they didn’t. And to me, a lot of them look different. Much different.

I guess it is because in reading people, we are trained to look at their eyebrows. That is the best spot to know everything that’s going on. Those muscles control the whole expression. And now, they all look weird. People better be better liars today with such trimmed eyebrows.

2. Extra long lashes

fake eyelashes

I think I spotted fake eyelashes ranging from under a dollar to over ten bucks at a store one day. I had to ask, of course, because it was just fascinating. “Who usually buy these?” “How do you put them on?” “How many times can you wear this?” “What is it made of? How is it so expensive?”

And I have seen majority of women I see today have fake eyelashes on. Once during a social work meeting, I met a girl whose fake eyelashes were bright pink. I could not take my eyes off her eyes. It was really cool.

Ever since, I swore that if one day I can get over fear of having glue nearby my eyes, I might actually go for fake lashes for a day.

3. Tiny, tiny waist


Do not blame Cinderella for it! Don’t turn the movie so magical into something so shallow! Or at least do not ruin that movie for me.

Tiny waist. They all want it. It is like a virus and it spreads faster than Ebola. I notice that even on the plus size posters, the models have good distribution of fats and in comparison to the whole body, small waists. It is like saying, “You need this.” To the waist.

4. Thick lips


Kylie Jenner broke the internet. I do not know how her lips could get so big. Few weeks back, my cousin texted me: “I want to have Kylie Jenner lips.” To which, I responded, “Why? Yours are fine already.” And I googled it up right away.

Everyone wants them. There was even a challenge for it, which of course, broke a lot of people’s lips. It looks so dangerous, and there isn’t enough reward in the world to ever make it look appealing to me.

But everyone wants the lips. So either up the lipstick game or go for lip injections.

5. Who’s got the prettiest nails?


Everyone is obsessing over her nails. I don’t find it amusing at all, because at some point in my life, someday – hopefully soon – I might get my nails done. And even I look at Jamberry’s photos and go, “Aw, I want that.”

I believe that taking care of oneself, and the acknowledgement of “Yes, I do take very good care of myself”, gives one great confidence. It gives women this glow of happiness. The beautiful glow. Like, making sure that your nails are like flying canvases of Picasso.

That is good game.

6. Abs!


Because taking a selfie in front of the mirror with your shirt lifted up above your abdomen area is hot. It is to show the world that you are fit and strong, and you are both sexy and dangerous at the same time.

And it is a good thing. I love empowered women. And if kicking up a notch on your fitness gives you the empowerment you need, then go for it. This is probably the only trend I can fully relate to. I love my abs, and I will do anything to make sure they never go away.

7. Smaller nose


Almost everyone I asked, “If you could do one thing about your face, what would you do?” answered with, “If I had enough money, I’d get a nose job.”

Which, I still do not understand why, is something so many of them want. Other than that, it is probably “to have eyelids,” or “bigger eyes” for those with smaller eyes.

But nothing beats smaller nose in my own survey. In some cultures, they actually believe that wider noses bring good luck and fortune.

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