The Secrets to Being Irresistably Beautiful

by Devina Gunawan

I am no beauty queen. But I have ignorance the size of the moon and confidence that is unmatched by anything. I believe in raw beauty and that beauty itself is a force. It isn’t a mask or a wrap. It is a simple force that comes from within you.

So I have found the secrets to beautiful women. It isn’t who looks good wearing what, but who carries herself best with what she has. Of course, there are several things I will go over that I have found in my survey on “What makes a woman beautiful.”

And these are some things you can do to be the beautiful woman you’ve always wanted to be – if you do not think you are already:

1. Find that happy place. Appreciate your life. Think of the crazy wonders in your life. And love them.

A lot of times when I asked people who claimed to find me beautiful, “Why do you find me attractive?” they would say, “Your eyes. Your eyes are so full of life.”

Because our eyes are louder than we think. Our eyes reflect our heart and soul, and those who aren’t blind can see our pure soul just by looking into our eyes. So make sure you are truly happy and content. Or have the one thing holding you back off of your chest.

2. Teeth. They last forever.

So it’s been proven that the biggest percentage of first impression falls onto teeth. Basically, the neater your teeth, the more attractive you are.

Now, I am not sure why this is the case, because it is pretty unfair to a lot of people. However, it is majority votes. So, if you have nice teeth, you are bound to be attractive. If you do not, well, braces might help.

Or, make sure that you have a stunning smile. Because your smile is the one thing closest to your teeth, and it is most important.

3. Take care of your locks.

Guys love hair. They love shiny hair for I am not sure what reason. But the healthier your hair is, the shinier it is, and the more attractive you are. Also, the softer your hair is, the more feminine you look. It’s just the law of hair attraction.

As for me, I am doomed to having troll hair. So if you are like me, you might want to consider other options.

4. Fitness regularly, not the one in a month kind of fitness.

Which, is where I stand by the way, and I really need to start working out again.

Research has shown that working out helps your genes to mutate. I never really got to whether the mutation was a good thing or bad, or if it gives you super powers, but the mutation improves your looks.

So those who workout tend to have their skins glow and tighter muscles. We all know tighter muscles are some of the best things that can ever happen to homo sapiens.

5. Get lip balm!

Soft lips mean jackpot! It is just so lovely when your lips look so soft and they glow. A lot of girls know well enough of this secret that they do not have to put on make up but to simply have their lip gloss or lip balm on – and voila, they are radiant as the sun.

And definitely kissable.

6. Be yourself. Wear your own style.

I think I have spoken of this more than enough times. People who dress the way they want and follow their own styles, are thought of to be the most beautiful in the room.

Why? Because nowadays people want to look the same. Uniformity is the trend, but it is not what it most attractive.

What is attractive is the one girl who stands out and who dares to be herself. The one who says, “Yeah, screw beauty standards and expectations” and goes with what she herself believes to be pretty and represents her personality.

7. Love love love yourself.

When you love yourself, you will find yourself beautiful. When you do, you will accept yourself more.

And when you accept yourself, you will be happy.

All of that will create a chain of reaction that will spark your eyes and make you glow. Don’t forget the aura. I find girls who say, “I was born with these features and I love them. I won’t change a single thing about myself” incredibly attractive. They are those who are comfortable with the way they look and are genuinely happy with it.

Confidence is sexy. Nothing beats it.

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