The Africa You See vs. Africa As It Is – Changing our views of Africa little by little

By Daniella Djiogan

1.) Those commercials are really deceitful and put a bad image on Africa. Yes, there are poor people in Africa, but there is also a middle class and high class society. I admire the work of UNICEF, but I am tired of seeing those sad and depressing commercials. Why can’t it be more joyful?  We might be poor, but we can be happy. We are not sad all the time like the commercials portray. We Africans are happy.

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2.) Africa is portrayed so poorly in the media. If it’s not a sick dying kid, it’s a war. Not all of Africa is like that. Some countries have never been in a war. We don’t love fighting, we love listening to music and dancing. We dance whenever we are happy, at parties, and even on strikes (you know which country you are).


3.) Again, the conception of Africa is so narrow. It’s not all poverty.




4.) Lastly, we don’t live on trees…yes, I said it! We have houses, actual houses, beautiful houses. 

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