#Raising awareness on abusive relationships #let’stalkaboutit


He was violently raped and abused

He complained, but they didn’t believe him

All they did say was…”HOW?”

“That’s not possible”

“A guy can’t be sexually abused…impossible!”

Ok, perhaps he can be emotionally/verbally abused

But sexually…NO

I mean who would…a woman?

No, she’s too weak

She doesn’t have the strength to do so.

But I guess, another guy can do it….but either way, it rarely happens

So, let’s not even bother to mention it.

It doesn’t compare to the many women who are being assaulted each day.

Ain’t I right?



Image Source: http://ryanpaul.ca/


One thought on “#Raising awareness on abusive relationships #let’stalkaboutit

  1. Such an important issue.
    The law in the UK is severely flawed in that rape is defined by penetration of the penis. It’s because historically, old men thought only women got raped. So in the UK, women without penises can’t legally rape – but they can sexually abuse. I think this is massively problematic and feeds into this whole discourse around men not being sexually abused.


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