Fly and break, stay and bleed

by Devina Gunawan

My drawings usually tell stories, or whatever that is cooking inside my head. And they speak of what I need to remember, what I need to hold onto. They serve as reminders of many things, and I am grateful of this weird ability of mine.

This piece I call “Fly and you might break. Stay and you will bleed.”

Because a lot of the times, we are afraid. We let fear keep us grounded when we can actually fly.

The fear of unknown tends to hold us back, and more often than not, we let it. We love security, a home, a place where everything is provided and conflicts are minimized.

And we let it grow its branches around us, into our lungs, and around our ankles. We let it.

In flying one might get blown away by the wind, one might hit something, get shot, or anything that is possible to happen to a pair of wings.

Instead of appreciating the given privilege of flying when given wings, one decides to stay and suffocate in an endless cycle of routines and repetitions.

Now I know a lot of people love and adore their homes, and they are content. For them, I am very happy.

And I also know a lot of people with desires to fly, and at the same time, fear of leaving their known territories. They confuse me. Because they let their fear and their comfort to block their desires, locked out in the corner of their minds.

These people have wings. They have what it takes to take off. However, they choose to just ignore their desires and dreams to stay unhappy in their secured homes.

Flying might not be the worst thing. Flying might be good.

But we have to give it a chance if we want to know what’s on the other side.

And if we decide to not fly and stay home, then at least do not complain if life doesn’t turn out the way we want it to. We cannot have the best of both worlds; and for those who do, you have it all – but for a lot of us we have to choose to fly or to stay. And the least that we can do, is to try to be happy with whatever we choose to do.

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