What might your dreams mean???

By Daniella D.

Is there some hidden truth in your dreams? Like when you dream about falling from the sky, getting married to a stranger, or winning that lottery?

I did a little research on what my dreams meant because I believe it is somewhat important to know. Yes, your sub-conscious mind plays a huge part in your dreams, but sometimes, dreams goes beyond that. Sometimes, dreams are trying to tell you a story about your past, present, or foretell the future.

Mind that some of these interpretations have some African meanings to it.

  1. Walking in your dream, and suddenly seeing something you like just lying on the floor. Interpretation: Someone will give you money in the near future.

  2. Dreaming that you’re in class. Interpretation: You have worried and anxious about something. The same symbolism applies when you go to school naked in your dream. anxiety-2

  3. Drowning in dirty water. Interpretation:  You will get rich soon. (Sign of wealth) 8020587_f260

  4. Running away from someone chasing and catching up to you. Interpretation: Bad luck.

  5. Dreaming about a snake. Interpretation: Someone in your family will be pregnant. People+like+my+snake+or+something+_8c9bd0113459f7c48e1ca1cbc1b3ae72

  6. Falling in your dream. Interpretation: You’re thinking of something too much and you need to let it go.

  7. Someone giving you meat in your dream and you eat it. Interpretation: Someone is trying to poison you. 18782386-illustration-of-Meat-Stock-Vector-meat-cartoon-beef

  8. Dreaming about a deceased family member. Interpretation: That’s a benediction, a blessing.

  9. Winning the lottery. Interpretation: You’re in need of money. Lottery

  10. Dreaming of someone you have never met before. Interpretation:  You secretly desire someone in your life.

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