Beauty Experiment: Facial and Hair Masks

By Devina Gunawan
So I learned recently that kiwis make wonderful facial masks. I am serious. And for those who already know, well, I am a late bloomer.

Considering that I have free time and waste it on TV show marathon on daily basis, I decided that it would be good to do something productive while wasting my time.

In my defense, entertainment is very important, especially if you work overtime and you don’t really feel like going out. And the nicest people you know are those on TV. Also, they do not make you feel weird about your life.

So because I eat kiwis often, I thought it would be nice to have kiwis for something else other than snacks. And my best friend Google showed me how: facial masks.

And this happened:

 It was on my face for a good half an hour, and I had no idea how long I was supposed to have it on my face. I assumed it was enough. Afterwards, my face felt nice and cool – smoother too.

And I have skin allergies all over, so of course this was a good thing.

Another thing I learned was that yogurt was awesome for your hair. It would help hair growth, prevent hair loss, and strengthen your hair.

So, not that I am paranoid about my thick hair, but I thought of trying it out.

I put yogurt and some cinnamon together, since yogurt alone smelled awful, and then applied it on my hair. I was supposed to leave it for half an hour, I believe, but I was too tired to wash my hair late at night and decided to just rinse and wash in the morning. 

My hair felt amazing after the rinse. I could definitely tell you that I was not going to lose my hair anytime soon. Perhaps it was because the yogurt was really thick that it just got all sticky in my hair for many hours, giving me the illusion that my hair was thicker than ever.

But a lot of people noticed that my hair got really shiny and much, much darker. I usually have a weird pale color, really washed up because of my allergies, but this time my hair had a bit of shine – which rarely happened.

And here’s the best part: clear scalp. Anyone who’s got allergies will understand how much of a liberty this is.

Look at how clear that is. This, my friend, never happened before.

And two days later, my hair was still fluffy and thick. It’s also gotten really dark and thick, I feel like a huge mushroom head.

But it looks healthy, and I can wear black tops now!

Overall, this was fun. What a fun experiment. And I know that I will be doing yogurt in hair again – only that I will not leave it for too long in my hair. It smells horrible.

At the moment I have my hair wrapped as well, but with hair masks, because after awhile, I grew sick of smelling yogurt in my hair.

But go ahead and try this. This is definitely worth it – but have a conditioner or hair masks for the post yogurt treatment.

Oh, and if anything goes wrong, you can eat your masks.

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