Friendship Day: Why We Love Best Friends

by Devina Gunawan

Friendship day, y’all! Think of the many reasons why people stay in your life. Why they’re loyal, despite your flaws. Why they love you and treasure you greatly.


I am forever thankful to those who call me their best friend. Thank you for being my extended family and just for being in my life. And here are some reasons why we should be grateful.
1. Friends are the family you choose and create. Nothing is thicker than blood, but secrets can be some of the most powerful things in the world, and you share them with your best friends.

My best friend can destroy me so easily. Having known so much about me, he can definitely pull a Rumpelstiltskin and blackmail me. But he never does.

2. You can laugh at each other. There are inside jokes and sometimes, you don’t need words at all. You just laugh like a group of mentally challenged.

I remember there were some days when I looked at my friends’ faces and just laughed. For no reason.

3. You got each other’s back. And that’s some loyalty that might not even be present between two people who are blood related.

I used to pick up Daniella from her class, one that was in the far end of the campus. And she used to let me crash in her place whenever I needed to get away from the world. When someone hurts one of us, the other will take action. Obviously.

4. You have a lot of things to talk about. Because of common interests. That means inside jokes too. You can talk all night long and over. There’s simply no end to your talk. And you don’t get bored of each other easily. It’s love.


5. The boundaries, what boundaries?! You have seen each other’s closets. You probably have read each other’s diaries.

The kind of few days in pjamas and covered in popcorn butter. The Originals marathon all day kind. Then jump to Doll House marathon. And Will and Grace. And so on. You’re gross and happy together.


6. They have some of the weirdest traits in the world and they drive you crazy. But you love them anyway.


7. You guys are crazy together. Like out of control. And you know that every single time you go out together, you embarrass yourselves. But it doesn’t matter. You have fun.

And you love it.


8. Your parents have asked you at least once if you’re gay. If you’re a guy and your best friend is a girl, it’d be, “How come you two aren’t dating? She’s a really pretty and nice girl. Are you gay?” It goes the same way for the girl. Or, you two are just shy.

But for the same sex best friends, it’s almost like Raj and Howard from Big Bang Theory. People assume we’re gay. Come to think about it, I can understand why Daniella likes keeping her distance from me.


9. You must have been each other’s true love at some point. When you’re really upset, nobody can cheer you up unless that person is your best friend (plus a bottle of wine). It probably was love at first common interest too. And if you don’t see your best friend for some time you get easily tempered, it’s like their absence is your kryptonite. And when your significant other might not understand you completely, your best friend does.

Really, at some point, people might wonder who has your heart. And more often than not you refuse to share your best friend with anyone else.


10. Mi casa es su casa. You don’t ask, “Hey can I try that drink?” You just go ahead and drink your best friend’s drink. You don’t ask, “Can I have some of your fries?” Chances are, they order two extra large fries because they know you will be eating the fries too. Or an extra large ice cream sundae with two spoons. Or even one if you two have the patience to wait for turns.


11. Best friends are honest. So painfully honest. It is true that when you are with a group of people, you can identify who are best friends with who. Friends will say nice things about each other. Best friends will call each other names and insult each other in public.

It’s just what they do. And I am so happy that i have people who constantly make fun of me in public and later on finish the talk with, “Whatever, I love her though.”


12. You get a 24/7 privilege. That you may call your best friend whenever when you need someone to talk to. Sometimes it might not work that way, if you have seen Carrie Bradshaw and how she called everyone just to complain about Aidan’s ex girlfriend who gave her “the look” then you know that’s the kind of thing we hope we don’t do to our friends.

But we do anyway. And it’s okay. Best friends are there for each other, and when they aren’t, they will make it up.


13. Great minds think alike. You see something the same way. You judge the same way. You like the same things. You are emotionally connected. And you tend to run out of fresh ideas because you two always end up having the exact same ideas.

It’s like, mind reading.


And the list can stretch and go on forever. Because best friends are wonderful. They are the gifts sent from heaven. And I love them so much.

Happy Friendship Day, world! I hope on this day, we all will get to celebrate the beauty of friendship and remember that it doesn’t need a national day to celebrate, appreciate, and to love.

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