I no longer find pleasure in the big things

By Daniella Djiogan

Little THINGS bring happiness in the midst of my sadness

An effortless genuine act such as ‘hello’ enlightens my world

A beautiful butterfly landing on the tip of my curved finger, brings out a smile to my face

Finding a quote that speaks of my issues remind me of others like me out there

Listening to a once long lost song brings me joy and nostalgic

Reminding myself that I did overcome several obstacles gives me hope

Knowing I have a God out there watching over me, reassures me that all isn’t lost

Little things give me joy nowadays. I don’t know why, and neither can I explain it. I have grown so gloomy, tired, sad, and almost depressed. I know of my past experiences with mood swings, and I know how it might be playing a role in my current misery.

However, I suspect it has more to do with me being worried. Worried about what the future holds. Worried over all and nothing.

I want to achieve something big. I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives, but I don’t know how to possibly go about making such difference.

How can I think to help others when I can’t even help myself?

It is true that when one is a little child, they crave adulthood responsibilities. They think all is fancy and well. But when they get to that age, all is not as it seems.

Yes, there’s fun, but also lots of responsibilities and insecurities. You have to work, pay those bills, manage whatever relations you are in, etc.

All these make you worry.  Worry to the point that the little things in life start to give you encouragement.

Because you can’t find “big” happiness as often as you did before, you start to seek pleasure in the little things rather than the big things.

Your world is enlightened by that small act of kindness.

It brings a light that grows and grows in the midst of darkness, giving you a reason to smile and to keep going forward till all is well.



2 thoughts on “I no longer find pleasure in the big things

  1. Wow. It was as if you took what I feel and phrased it so perfectly. I am going through this exactly.
    And the little things sure keep you going. A meal out with old friends, scrap booking, even watching a good episode of a show – just make the day better and so the week better and therefore make life seem less gloomy.


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