Fashion Gone Right: Featuring Daniella

By Devina Gunawan

This week I am featuring Daniella, who adores fashion and knows how to work her magic. This girl knows how to dress and masters the basic rules of fashion. She’s fond of high heels and patterns. And a lot of nice fitting dresses.

We gathered up photos of full body shots that show her beautiful outfit choices that are simple and really pretty for examples.
So here are some tips to look as fashionable as Daniella:

1. Scarves are necessary. Even in summer they work. When an outfit is lacking in colors or looking a little dull, a scarf will brighten it up.

2. Color composition. This is crucial. Make sure you aren’t drowned in one color, but wear two contrasting colors or colors that make perfect match.

3. Hats are good friends. What save you on bad hair days? Hats do. And have bowler hats just in case for anything. Skirts and pants work with these.

4. Simplicity is good. Simplicity works the magic just fine. Daniella knows that sometimes you just can’t force fashion. And most French girls know this rule too: simplicity is good.

5. Black should never be forgotten. It works with mostly everything. Be safe and have a pair of black shoes so it can go with any outfit.

6.  Patterns bring out a dash of excitement in an outfit. Especially when you pair patterns with plain skirts or tops. And when your outfit is a maxi patterned dress, make sure it’s of subtle colors that won’t make you look like a rug.

7. Headbands will give any outfit a feminine touch. Be it professional or casual, add a headband and you’ll be a lady. Think Blair Waldorf or CW’s Reign, and then go for headbands.

8. Casual shouldn’t be messed with. Daniella pulls off the long red shirt with skinny jeans and a pair of red sketchers. Top with a beanie and shades, and she looks like a million bucks.

9. Accessorize. Daniella loves her bracelets, and when wearing sleeveless, bracelets are fresh colors on your wrists. They balance simple outfits and make them more fun. Bangles are really fun, if you have them, because they go with mostly anything.

10. Graphic tees don’t always mean casual. You can always wear maxi skirt or nice jacket and a scarf to turn the casual statement into sophisticated or/and chic. Look at Daniella wear a graphic tee with long black pants and nice dressing shoes. That is chic.

11. Have recycled items ready. Basic colored shirts/pants/skirts/cardigan/anything that we can mix and match is a must have. It doesn’t matter if they’re the same style all over, if you have basic colors ready, mix and match them, rotate, and you’re good for many days to come.



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