Another Man Sues his Wife for Looking “UGLY”…Does that sound familiar??

By Daniella Djiogan

We have heard of a similar story before about the man from China who sued his wife after she gave birth to “ugly” children. This time, a man from Algeria is suing his wife for looking ugly without makeup.

After seeing this story on, I decided to write my thoughts about it because I am kind of an advocate for “if it makes you happy, do it…(to a certain extent).”

Nowadays there are many women like this bride who cover her faces with a mask for the sake of looking beautiful. Society makes us, women, want to look beautiful.

I mean, look at every social media site out there, whether it’s youtube, tumblr, facebook, Instagram, etc. there’s always someone posting a tutorial or tips on how to look beautiful. It’s become the norm.

Many women these days cannot step outside without wearing makeup. Makeup has become part of  their daily routine. It has come to the point where we look at that person in the mirror with makeup, and we see ‘us’. The “us” we were supposed to be born as. We rarely see “us” as that girl with no makeup.

‘Normal’ these days don’t get you the guy. It’s true! Some guys want a normal girl…a natural girl, but if you ask them to choose between a natural girl and one that’s wearing makeup, I heavily suspect they would pick the girl with makeup. Guys see this superficial beauty and they obviously fall for it. I beg of you to differ if I am wrong.

It’s a pity.

I don’t know the full story, but regardless, I feel sad for the bride. To be sued by her groom only after a day of marriage…that’s sad.

Interesting thought: For some reason I feel like lots of women right now are shaking in their boots, especially the ones who wear heavy makeup. “What if it happens to me?” That the question on their minds.

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