The Hidden Frenemy in your Life

By Daniella Djiogan

I was talking to my roommate a month ago about friendship gone wrong. The conversation wasn’t inspired by anything else other than a thought on our part.

She asked “How can best-friends become frenemies? She seemed perplexed by the fact that jealousy can creep its way into friendship and shatter it.

I on the other side wasn’t surprised at all. I don’t know if it’s because nothing really surprises me anymore or because I am used to seeing such dramas involving friendship gone terribly wrong on TV.

Either way, I really wasn’t surprised.

The line between love and jealousy is thin and should be avoided at all cost.

Having a friend you can love and trust is an amazing feeling. A best friend who can relate to your every feeling. One that wouldn’t judge you. One whom your secret is safe with. One that can stand by your side in times of need. 

Having such a friend is great.

However, not all friends who pretend to be best-friends are friends at all. Some are just there to jinx you. They are there to pretend to be your friends, in-order to compare their lives to yours.   

They inquire from you not because they want to hear about your success and well-being, but because they want to make themselves feel better.

You can sometimes tell your friend isn’t really a friend by their reactions to your good news. If let’s say she slightly frowns at your good fortune or smirks at your distress, you probably should start being careful.

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2 thoughts on “The Hidden Frenemy in your Life

  1. Agreed! This is word for a lot of us. The worst is that sometimes, friends ask us how we’re doing and the details of our lives for the sake of gossiping later on about us. Either we become their go-to in order for them to feel better about themselves, or we become the topic of their next conversation for the sake of having it. I just reached rock bottom (and the end of my patience) because of this particular issue, and it’s like you wrote out perfectly what’s on my and everyone else’s mind but we can’t express. :”( Thank youuu :”(
    And the gif! Blair and Serena!!!!! 😀

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