Best Workout Routine for the StrongHearted

By Daniella Djiogan

Everyone wants to feel their best in their body, right? Well if you’re looking for the best toned body workout out there, look no further. I got you! However mind the fact that it’s NOT for you if:

1.) You are weakhearted

2.) You dislike muscles

3.) You prefer yogapush

4.) You hate intense workouts

5.) You hate push-ups

6.) You absolutely dislike long workouts (30-60 mins)

So, the workout is called “INSANITY” I don’t know if you guys have heard about it before, but it’s an intense workout that pays off (if you follow through with the program). Though, it wouldn’t be uncommon for many to quit-restart, and quit-restart…(that’s me!)

I personally love workouts that makes me sweat, and make my body hurt. If my body is sore the next day… makes me feel like I have done a wonderful workout…I’m getting closer to my weight loss goal. On the other-hand, if I’m doing yoga, I don’t feel like I have burned any calories. Perhaps because it’s less intense.

Anyways, try this workout if you’re not anything like the six “Not” I mentioned above.


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