10 Stages of Unemployment…Hilarious but True!

By Daniella Djiogan

Here are the different stages of unemployment, especially for those who recently lost their jobs or finished their undergraduate degree and never found a job.

1.) The “All is well” Stage: This is the stage where you are at your most optimistic. It’s all good. I still got money left-over, will find something soon.

swell_it_s_fine-345x2362.) The “It’s coming, I can feel it” Stage: Basically, you can smell that job coming from miles away.happ
3.) The “I’m waiting” Stage: It’s still all good…a little waiting wouldn’t hurt.

wai4.) The “I need money” Stage: Money will compensate for my unemployment

counting-money-25.) The “Lottery Phrase”: (EASY MONEY, but Unrealistic)

lottery6.) The “Stock Market” Stage: (realistic but long-term and hard)

st7.) The “explore some other potential talents” Stage: What else am I good at?

ind8.) The “F*&K it” Stage: I have had enough…Don’t care anymore!


9.) “I give Up” Stage: I have done my best…I can’t do anymore

giv10.) “I’m going back to school” Stage: With a masters or a PhD, I would have a better chance next time.


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