Fear of Greatness

by Devina Gunawan

There must be fear of greatness somehow.

The fear of not wanting to challenge, explore, and of course, risk.

The fear of losing everything in the pursuit of winning everything.

And there is admiration in that fear.

That while it is nice to look at other people succeeding and building their empires or living their dreams, it is just as terrifying to imagine ourselves in their shoes.

That the “That is impressive,” comment we give to those who go above and beyond for their dreams truly means nothing personal. We wish we could someday, if we’re lucky, get our share, but we don’t think we can survive the way they did.

Because what is greatness without a long, difficult journey? What is greatness without people struggling and fighting their way up to the top?

And even though we want it, because we want what we don’t have, we don’t believe we can have it.

And it’s not an excuse.

We just fear it.

We are scared of battles. Of fights. Of bloody mess of a combat.

We are scared to see what we have to go through to win. And perhaps to just even enter the contest.

And we need to protect ourselves. That’s always our first action. To protect ourselves even from what hasn’t and might never even come.

Even if it’s greatness. Even if it’s something that is worth giving up our shield for.

But maybe one of these days we will see that fear can’t always control us. And maybe one of these days we will grab the sword instead of the armor.


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