The Absurd Exploration

by Devina Gunawan

So I believe that taking myself out of routine would be a good idea. A great one, actually.

For few days, my sister, our good friend, and I took some time exploring. It wasn’t exactly our plan to visit every place, but it sort of happened that way.

I had no internet, no Facebook or Gmail, only my phone on hand, which meant Instagram and Twitter, and it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Of course, prior to the exploration, I had asked for a couple of days off from work. I had thought that I could be doing my work at night while exploring during the day, but to be safe I asked for days off.

That turned out to be the best decision ever made.

The few days went by as if they were actually years. A day stretched out to be what felt to be an eternity.

We woke up early and started the day right away. We came back late at night and I had no energy left for anything else but shower.

Oh yes, shower – I felt so nasty from walking around to having birds resting on my head, to I do not want to remember what else.

After shower, I tried to watch TV but I seemed to remember only the first five minutes before waking up to the clock pointing at “4AM”.


Then instead of doing anything else, I went back to sleep for another two hours before getting up and ready for the day. So after I got back and showered, I only had those two minutes of “Merde. It’s 4? How did that episode end?” that truly marked my consciousness. Everything else was pitch black.

So it was interesting. This was a side of me that I had never known before.

It was like, “Hey usual Devina, meet this Devina.”

My workaholic personality would disagree with that lifestyle. My workaholic, usual self would have kept myself up all night with two cups of coffee and work until I had to get ready for another exploration day.

But this exploration had taken me out of my routine. It had stopped me from working too much, and it made me listen to my body. It wanted sleep, heck it switched off before even knowing it needed sleep.

It made me realize how powerless I could be – when usually in every day life I would like to be in control of mostly everything.

So this exploration, in a way, was absurdity.

And you know what, despite all the headaches it gave me, I think I will go for another round.

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