Why I Love Honest Trailers

by Devina Gunawan

Screen Junkies. Screen Junkies my life.

I need to thank the founder of Youtube, first and foremost, for creating a space for creative minds to Screen Junkies!

Yes, I even use the name for a verb. That is how much I love Screen Junkies. And of course, I have to thank my very best friend to have introduced me to this. He knows exactly what can trigger my addiction.

So here are my reasons to Screen Junkies, why I love it so much.

Screen Junkies is truly honest. I have heard some movies that tried to be ‘Screen Junkies’ proof. But it’s spot on. Like, for instance, Cinderella:

Screen Junkies speaks what’s on our minds. And, they’re musically gifted. I mean, whatever they did with Lion King was the best thing I’d ever seen. I laughed so hard, and replayed it too many times:

Screen Junkies cares about the details of movies. And they explain things well. A lot of the times you listen to what they have to say about a movie and it’s mind blowing.

Screen Junkies points out things we oftentimes question about. They also throw criticism in the best way possible.

Screen Junkies hates Twilight, just as much as I do! Well, not really, but it is truly honest about how Twilight was.

And there are tons of reasons why Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers are some of the best things on Youtube. And I will let you find out yourself. Meanwhile, I am going to watch some Honest Trailers.

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