Inside Out: Disney Won Again

by Devina Gunawan

Lately, new movies are messy. Plots are bland, characters are one dimensional, chemistry is almost nonexistent, and audience feels detached from the whole thing.

However, Disney has been getting better and better, and the movies have been some of the best things I see in theaters lately.

Inside Out delivered. Applause.

When I watched the trailer for the first time I thought, “Interesting. Disney would have to do so much more than what’s shown in the trailer to impress me.”

And they did.

Joy was born when Riley felt her first emotion. She was the first feeling that baby Riley experienced, happy.

However, Joy met her match right away when baby Riley started crying. There, Sadness was born.

Many years later, Joy and Sadness were working together with Fear, Disgust, and Anger. And Riley was a beautiful, 11 year old girl.

“What could happen?”

Well, there could be the conflict between Joy and Sadness that resulted in the two of them being sucked away from the main control room, where Riley’s emotions played out. And it happened.

Thus, Riley was left with only Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Well, mostly Anger since he was dominant and loud.

But Disney found brilliant ways to keep the two realms coexist. I was worried that the movie would be of a girl and her emotion control room only, but it turned out to be much more than that.

We got to explore the personality islands, the imagination land, the train of thoughts, and so much more. It was beautifully designed, wonderfully illustrated, and executed fairly in the relation of how our mind and emotions function.

There was subtle explanation to how our emotions worked in this piece, how our memories were stored and kept, and how they affected us.

And I loved it.

When I have been struggling in finding the emotional attachment towards characters in a movie, Disney took that burden off my chest. I could simply relate to the characters. Heck, I even cried a little when Bing Bong went puff.

This movie portrayed a simple cycle most people have gone through from the inside out. And it was genius.

I recommend this movie to everyone. Any age will enjoy this.

Also it is a good reminder to everyone that happiness is truly in you.

Disney succeeded in impressing me again. And I am blown away.

Thank you Disney, with you I will forever be a child at heart.

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