Secrets to losing weight fast…Like in a day Fast

1.) Don’t Sleep: Watch that drama or movie till 3 am. Stay up all night like you were studying for an exam the next day after your countless procrastination.


2.) Don’t Eat: Just drink water


3.) Banana Diet: Only eat bananas…but not too much


4.) Keep your mind occupied: Find something you like doing that keeps your mind from thinking you have to binge eat.


5.) Be Stressed: Unlike me, when many people are stressed, they lose weight. However, if you’re like me, the type that eats excessively when stressed, ignore this.


6.) Diet Everything: Diet that coke, and that will be a start. After-all it is always good to start off with baby steps.


7.) Diet Pills: I’m not sure about this one but, it might work…


As you can probably tell, these seven methods of losing weight are so unhealthy and bad for you. So, don’t try it.

Most of these will only result in you gaining back that weight sooner or later. Value your health first.

Stay healthy and lose that weight healthily. Not by not eating or sleeping.


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Article by Daniella Djiogan

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