Beauty and Fortune

by Devina Gunawan

Women want to feel beautiful, and to be beautiful. They don’t care if there are many different definitions of ‘beauty’, they just want to reach their definition of ‘beauty.’

And most of the times, especially with the access to makeup and plastic surgeries nowadays, they win.

I wondered once, why was it so important to them?

It’s not like being beautiful means more than just that. But as usual, I am wrong.

I never noticed that Beauty/Fashion bloggers on Instagram have massive amount of followers. When the number of people following you equals to that of a town, you know you’re famous.

I also learned that some women go under the knives in order to look enough for entertainment business.

Some ‘upgraded’ themselves to find spouses, supposedly rich ones who can afford the beautiful lady’s lifestyle.

Some got jobs because they were beautiful enough and pleasing to look at. I have known a girl who was hired not because of her abilities, but because of her looks.

I believe I started questioning after knowing her story.

I know some girls become popular after getting plastic surgeries.

Don’t forget the transformation of Caitlyn Jenner.

And many more.

Beauty gives privileges to women, and I won’t lie and tell you that it doesn’t.

It does, and women who know better, go for it.

I have heard this said to many girls and it bothers me: “You’re pretty. You’ll find some rich man to marry and you won’t have to worry about money anymore.”

Well, in this world, currently dominated by beauties, I doubt that it will be that simple.

But I have to agree, despite not liking it, that beauty does bring women fortune.

However, the tragedy lies in the fact that in today’s beauty enhancement, our fortune goes bare and puff. It is very costly and expensive, not to mention painful.

So it costs and brings fortune. I don’t know how that is worth going after, but I guess it means something to women today. And I guess, we have to live with it.

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