Some Wonderful Things We Should Do More Often

by Devina Gunawan

  1. Listen to others. Take some time to listen to a friend who needs a listener. You may never know, perhaps you just prevent a suicide by doing that. People need to talk things out. And the least you can do is to be the place where they can go to.
  2. Hug a friend. I think I read it somewhere that hugging can prolong one’s life? I don’t know. But I am sure it’s out there somewhere.
  3. Have some tea time. We need a break from work and our routine of staring at computer screen. A tea time is nice. It’s nice and quiet and well, all you do is eat cakes and drink tea while talking to your friends. It really isn’t bad.
  4. Go see a movie. Let me make this very clear, that in my opinion, watching a movie is one of the best ‘me’ time activities out there. You can go see movies with your friends and still have your you-time. During a movie, you aren’t supposed to check your phone constantly or even have it on. You probably barely say anything to the person next to you. The focus is the movie, which is pure entertainment, and you have nothing but to enjoy it.
  5. Sing to your loved ones. I know my sister has this weird look on her face whenever I start singing to her. And it’s okay. I don’t care. I would like to believe that deep down inside, she actually likes it.
  6. Forgive. This, by far, is the most difficult thing I have ever done. And every single time I do it, it feels amazing. Of course, it usually takes me a decade to reach forgiveness – perhaps that’s why it’s good when it’s over – but it is freeing.
  7. Ice cream. There is always room for ice cream. This is no joke. I used to work for this teacher who would always remind me, “Don’t worry about all the ice cream you have, Devina. Ice cream is made of milk. That’s basically liquid. It’s slimming.” But most importantly, ice cream makes you happy.
  8. TV Show marathon. This is one of the ultimate ‘me’ time. There is nothing better than few days straight of Vampire Diaries or Chuck marathon. Well, maybe not really those two shows at the moment – but it really is awesome. One of the best things one can do is to be a couch potato.
  9. Write our heart out. Sometimes we can’t say anything. Sometimes the words are stuck in our throats. So the best thing to do is to write things out, or sketch them out, or shake it off through a dance routine, or piano playing, or anything. It’s so much better to play a song on your piano when you’re sad than breaking an expensive glass that probably costed you $20.
  10. DIY. DIY my life!!! DIY gives us this feeling of, “Yeah, I did it. It’s mine. It’s my hard work, my baby.” Of course we will be happy and proud of something we create ourselves. I mean, it’s like “I made this bracelet,” or “I made this Tshirt.” Just the two words: “I made” mean the world.
  11. Challenge ourselves. You know I used to be afraid of cats. Then I dared myself to go up to a black cat (yes, I was all into the superstitions) and then it turned out to be one of the best things I did back in middle school. Now I love cats, dogs, snakes, and whatever else I can take home someday to be my pet.
  12. Send out random messages to old friends. I tried this experiment, in which I sent an e-mail full of inspirational quotes and well, my wish for everyone to be doing well, to almost everyone in my contact list. Some of the responses I received were the greatest things I’d received. Apparently, people feel important when you send them an e-mail to encourage them and tell them that everything will be okay. And you don’t know when people are having the worst times, and your e-mail might be the sunshine of the day.
  13. Reward ourselves. If you’re like me, a workaholic who has sad social life, you might want to reward yourself with something. We are slaves to routine, and our needs. We forget to think of our own happiness and what we want. The small things that keep us happy, oftentimes get neglected or forgotten. So I know that every few months, I buy myself a dress, just so that it feels like my routine is worth something.
  14. Travel and see the world. I think it’s pretty self explanatory.
  15. Sleep. I forget sleep a lot. I am sure I am not the only one. But sleep is extremely important and necessary. And I am not talking about a nap, I am talking about deep, 8 hour long sleep. If you want to go for 15 hours, then go ahead. But make sure you’re tucked in your bed nicely and it’s not just a couple of hour type of nap.
  16. Look in the mirror and say, “You are beautiful.” Because you do know that you are, but you do know that you let the world define what you are and you take it. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So make sure that you see yourself beautiful before others can tell you otherwise.
  17. Watch the stars. It makes you feel so small and so unimportant in this huge world. It will make you question your existence and other things. But it is so magical that you will see the beautiful magic of this world.
  18. Cook our own meals. Some research proves that people who cook their own meals tend to be more successful. Well, I am still waiting for my success to come knocking on my door.
  19. Put ourselves in others’ shoes. Not to steal or borrow. Imagine yourself to be in someone else’s position before making assumption or judgment.
  20. Live most. Not best. I’m not talking about everyday, intense workout, only drinking water, eating organic foods type of living. I am talking about enjoying every bit of life. To inhale and exhale, to smile more, laugh more, and love more. To live most.

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