Hitman: Agent Quarante Sept to Katia van Dees

by Devina Gunawan

There is something about watching bad movies today. They are entertaining in the bloody hell kind of way.

So the other night I went to see Hitman: Agent 47, not knowing what to expect and what to look forward to. Which, is a very good thing.

When you have no expectation, even a little surprise can do the magic.

I enjoyed it. It surely did not connect in plot line, and it was missing so many elements – heck, why do I even bother – it was bad.

But we were entertained. That is all that matters.

So they started with an insanely meticulous assassin, Agent 47, killing everyone in Syndicate who just figured out where a special girl, Katia Von Dees was hiding. He then went head to head with John Smith, a Syndicate agent who was sent to get Katia, and from then on the movie picked up the pace.

John Smith was a smooth devil. He charmed Katia and won over her trust for a day before Agent 47 captured her and explained to her what was truly going on.

He had to tell Katia that her name was not Katia Von Dees but quatre-vingt-dix, or 90. I thought that was hiladious. Well, apart from the weird number-name, Katia was an updated version of the other agents. She was supposedly, 43 codes better than Agent 47. And just with that information, she transformed into a seemingly trained assassin.

How that happened – don’t ask me.

Rupert Friend did a marvelous job. He could portrait Agent 47 as if he was born for the part. I kept on commenting on how he reminded me so much of Avatar.

I could believe him in his every word, but I could not say the same about 90. Hannah Ware is gorgeous, but she wasn’t that believable. I can say the same thing about Quinto. I love Quinto to death, perhaps more than I do Nimoy. However, it looked like he was trying so hard not to laugh about half the time he was on screen. I don’t know if it’s just how his face is structured, but I sure know he could pull a stoic in Star Trek. So why now, Quinto? Why?

Overall, this movie was pure entertainment. It is not a movie for those who love Inception or Interstellar. It is not a movie for those who adore Nicholas Spark. This is a movie for those who love empty plot and tons of actions and blood.

This gives me the same feeling “Hansel and Gretel: the Witch Hunters” did. The difference is that I loved Hansel and Gretel. With Hitman, I probably won’t try to watch it ever again. Just because Quinto was painful to watch and the story was messy.

Still though, it is entertaining. And I would give this a 4 out of 10.

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