We Master Blaming

by Devina Gunawan

We want someone to be responsible over our misery. We want someone to pay for our losses.

We want someone to say, “I am wrong.” Because we believe, despite everything we have done, that we deserve to be saved.

Humans want what is best for them, what is most beneficial, and what is harmless. To them.

The games of blames had been played over and over again for too long, and it all started when Eve pointed at the Snake and said, “[the Snake] told me…” or whatever it is she said.

And according to experts, the act of blaming is contagious. So it is not a surprise seeing broken relationships and people blaming each other for everything.

I am too, guilty of that act.

But to be honest, who isn’t?

We do not like being wrong, we do not want to feel guilty. So we do the one thing that supports our cowardice: blame someone else. When you put blames upon some other people, it is easier to forgive yourself.

We are creatures of pride, and we want to wake up in the morning respecting ourselves. So we decide to disrespect others for our own sake.

There are some of us who blame ourselves for everything that has happened. We put the faults in our own actions; we deal with the consequences of everything we start. It is easier to say, “It is my fault. Let me deal with it,” and not really deal with it. We take control of the consequences the moment we blame it all on ourselves.

So either way, we are selfish creatures who seek getaway and escape from the responsibilities we have to take on.

But we are okay. We are fine.

We are the master of blaming, and we can even blame that for us.

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