The Man from U.N.C.L.E: Vintage has never looked so good

By Devina Gunawan

It is a war of collages and a promotion of grapes. A movie of blank stares and hidden plots.

And I liked it.

Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) plays Solo, a cocky American agent/womanizer who can get out of any situation without a scratch. He is calm and collected, and even when he’s drugged he goes ahead and arranges pillows to make a comfortable knocked-out place for himself.

Armie Hammer (Social Network) is Ilya, a Russian agent with troubled past and psychotic breakdown whenever his temper is challenged. He is strong and well built, like a fortress; however, he is the more sensitive one.

I swear everyone fancies grapes. That, or I was losing my mind and craving some.

Solo and Ilya were sent to find a missing scientist through his daughter, Gaby, played by the beautiful Alicia Vikander.

After a cat and dog fight the first time they encountered each other, the two agents were confronted with the ugly truth: they were partners. And they had to look after Gaby.


So the trio headed for some massive troubles and plots, with electric chemistry running between Solo and Ilya, as well as between Ilya and Gaby. It could be a love triangle for all I know; Cavill and Hammer share this wonderful connection that holds this movie together so well.

Of course, those two men are ridiculously good looking. I even wondered if the women’s fake lashes were necessary to make sure that the boys did not outshine their beauty. Because you put Cavill and Hammer together in a scene, and BAM!

The movie was beautifully written, the details were fun and truly entertaining. I love how they played a lot with scenes in which two different things are happening, and how they affect each other. Like when Gaby was drunk dancing in the hotel room when Ilya was playing chess. Or when Solo was enjoying a sandwich when Ilya was drowning. Or when Solo and Ilya were arguing on what to do with the mad doctor when he was burning on his own chair.

It was hilarious. The writers managed to keep the tone light, that when we were supposed to cringe at what was happening, we laughed instead.

There were questions as well that kept us audience guessing: will they or will they not kiss? Will they or will they not kill each other?


The relationships in the movie took a huge role. Audience could connect and understand the conflicts and the inner battles within the characters.

I have to say though, that even though I shipped Ilya-Gaby hard, I was glad that nothing happened between them. It would be hard to resist such a beautiful man like Ilya, but until his psychotic episodes ended I would prefer to keep the female protagonist clean from such thing. Sorry, Ilya.

The Man from UNCLE has rustic charms. It takes us back to the days of white and black. I got out of the theatre feeling the desire to dress up like Hepburn and watch film noir.

It is comical and artistic. Old and new at the same time. And after Fantastic Bore and Hitman the last bullet bender, this is a good, well deserving break.

It was so entertaining, and I love it.

Thus, the Man from U.N.C.L.E stands strong with an 8 out of 10 from me. Go and watch it if you haven’t.

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