Canvas for a Face

By Devina Gunawan

Women are artistic. With this I mean in the ways of expression and coloring our lives.

I can be loud when it’s a no make up campaign, but it is for women who are not happy with themselves. Those who are beautiful but think they aren’t enough. Now that is more of mindset than anything else.

This, by no mean of me rejecting the idea of makeup, because I adore it and currently, I am asking my makeup artist cousins to teach me.

I am allergic, and thus am limited. I am someone who has to deal with the fact that she can’t put on makeup for too long due to skin allergies; this has forced me to see past makeup and accept my natural self the way it is.

Makeup is like henna. It is not permanent, and it is a way of expressing yourself. It is fashion, and it is beautiful.

I want to challenge everyone to love yourself the way you are. All with flaws and all. And I want to challenge everyone to love everyone as well.

We aren’t here to judge who’s wearing the thickest makeup or who looks like she just wakes up from bed (That’d be me, thank you very much). We are here to encourage each other, in loving ourselves.

Just make sure that with the makeup or not, you are yourself. You are the beautiful person that you yourself love, and that is more than enough.

I would still encourage women, every now and then, to less wear makeup. But it is for the sake of appreciating what we were born with, which I hope we all do.

However, put on what you desire on your face. Wear the craziest outfits you love. Be yourself, and embrace who you are. What you put on yourself is a reflection of how much you truly love yourself.

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