How outfits affect my image 

by Devina Gunawan

I have tried many different looks while going out, and I can tell you how each one affects the way people treat me.

  1. Crop top and yoga pants – I get a lot of winks and some random guys following me around. Usually when I feel like wearing this outfit, I make sure to have my maze around my neck. So I do not know how it is that way, but it seems that to the guys I look easy. Or at least I feel that way.
  2. Maxi dress, heels, and headband – a lot of nods from shopkeepers and waiters. Quicker responses when I want to order something, and definitely, little girls calling me Snow White (yes, I am pale like a zombie, thank you). Wearing this definitely brings out the more elegant, sophisticated, yet youthful image. A career woman wouldn’t be going around wearing this on a weekday, for sure.
  3. Shorts and Tshirt – I remember once Daniella and I were walking around the town, we were wearing Tshirts and shorts, when a car pulled over and asked, “Hey baby, need a ride?” Then a couple of hours later we got two boys following us and telling us that we got “nice ass.” And few hours later – let’s just say it continued on throughout the day.
  4. Pjamas – “Where are your parents?” Once I walked into a chocolate store in my pjamas, and the lady who worked there started looking around. She then asked if I had come to the mall alone.
  5. A cocktail dress – I get a lot of stares from head to toe. It makes walking around alone so unbearable. And I know it happens to everyone. Daniella wore a cocktail dress once to a random meeting and she looked so amazing. Everyone kept on staring. It definitely showed the world that she was a real, DAMN, woman.
  6. Long pants, shirt, cardigan, and glasses – I got several people asking me if I worked in entertainment business, if I was a TV reporter or a journalist. I take it I look very smart and curious. As if I’m about to interview people. So I guess that outfit is labeled journalist already.
  7. A beanie, sleeveless crop top, yoga pants, and a sticker tattoo on my arm – people look away from me. Mothers with small children look away the moment I walk by. They probably think I’m a disgrace to society or something, because children seem scared the moment they see my fake tattoo, and so are the mothers.
  8. A baggy shirt, loose pants, and a gem sticker on my nose – people think I’m hippie, a bit spiritual, a vegetarian, and gay. To be honest, they’re correct, so I don’t try to even tell them they’re wrong.
  9. Anything vintage, a scarf, all in simple colors – some would ask, “Did you study in France?” Because apparently, the simply arranged outfits with a gentle touch of a scarf, as well as the simple face with less makeup gives the impression that one has lived in France. Well, they were right.
  10. Heels and business attire – people would add a couple of years to my actual age. Well, as long as it doesn’t go over three years, I’m totally fine. I see more respect and fear wearing this outfit, than I do wearing any other outfit going out.

So outfits truly affect your image. You can be the nicest girl in the block and when you put on a fake tattoo like I did, that could change right away. How we dress affects the way people view us. And it doesn’t matter, really, how we are from the inside. Apparently a lot of people still judge us by the covers.

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