Today I Saw The Strongest Woman Cry

By Daniella Djiogan

Today I saw the strongest woman cry.

She cried as she sent her child away.

I had never seen her cry, so it took me by surprise.

She always seemed so strong that I failed to realize that she too could be human

She could withstand not crying when she was ill-treated by her colleagues.

She could withstand not showing her tears when her in-laws threatened her.

She could withstand the struggles of arriving in a country with nothing.

However today, here she stood…crying.

Crying as if the world was about to end.

Crying as she sent her child away.

I had never seen so much sadness as I have seen in that woman’s eyes.

Her tears like a stream, flowed down her cheeks.

She cried as she held on to her child, begging never to let him go.

Begging to take him back home. Begging and begging.

It wasn’t her first time sending a child away, but it was a feeling she had left behind years ago.

Forgotten as the years went by. She couldn’t imagine such feelings will resurface.

Today was probably the saddest day of her life.

However, tomorrow will probably be the happiest day of her life.

She will certainly be happy when she learns all will be alright.

She will certainly be alright for she is strong.

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