Some people are stronger alone

by Devina Gunawan

There are some people who are stronger without partners. They are living on purposes and missions, and they do not need others to slow them down.

They won’t wait for princes or princesses charming to come and rescue them. They won’t wait to find the perfect match who will be able to support them.

Because they know that fate will get them there.

They know what to do with their time, and they spend it on their goals.

Determination and ambition run their lives, and they do not need others to tell them that dreams aren’t worth it.

And these are those who won’t be able to answer the pressing question of, “Are you seeing anyone?”

Because they aren’t. But they are seeing their dreams come true. A vision others may never see.

And it is not uncommon to find women with such structures these days.

It is uncommon to see women who are doing much better without partners by their side. And just because a woman is alone does not mean that something is wrong with her.

Because sometimes, when someone is that strong, a partner might slow her down more than push her forward.

And someone that strong cannot take it.

Besides, loneliness is not that horrible if you can look at the bright side of it.

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