Outfit Sizes: the Optical Illusion

by Devina Gunawan

The other day I was wearing a baggy, loose fitting dress when a friend walked up to me and said, “Wow, you gained so much weight. How come in your recent photos you still look skinny?”


Once I wore yoga pants and a guy tshirt when an acquaintance spotted me and commented, “Look at you. You’ve lost so much weight, dear! Are you alright?”

yoga pants

I rest my case.

What we wear puts ideas in people’s heads on how much we weigh. Whether it’s the correct number or not, what they see is what they assume.

I clearly am not happy with either case, being called bigger or smaller, because of the sizes of the clothes I wear.

It’s not fun to have people eye you from head to toe with concerns and, “Are you sure you’re eating normal?” Or “Have you been going out with friends and eating out?”

However, it can be advantage to those who want to look fuller or thinner. There is, as I have witnessed through my experiences, optical illusion.

I know now what to wear when I feel like I’ve gained few pounds; I would go for what makes me look thinner. And when I know I’ve lost some weight, something that will make me look bigger.

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