10 Perks of Being the Irresponsible Child


1.) You Can Get Out of Responsibilities

No one trust that you can do things properly so you are not given any responsibilities. When something happens, your parents usually search for the eldest to resolve the issue, leaving you free to do whatever you choose.

Case in Point: A couple of weeks ago, I was in an accident caused by another driver. We called our parents reporting the issue. We thought for sure we were going to die, not from the accident, but from our parents’ scolding. The first thing my parents asked me was “are you ok?” when I answered ‘yes’, they asked me to pass over the phone to my elder sister to explain all the details regarding the event, insurance, etc. Till today, she’s the one in-charge of taking care of all those stuffs. I on the other-hand don’t get to do a thing.

2.) The Little You Do Seems Like a Lot To Others

Case in Point: I do not usually cook because I really enjoy eating more than anything else. My mom doesn’t even bother to ask me to cook anymore, unless really needed. So, when I actually find it in myself to cook, they really appreciate it. They make it sound like a huge achievement even-though clearly it isn’t that big of a deal. By the way, not to brag or anything..but I am a good cook…LOL!

3.) No One Trust You Can Make it, so You’re Underestimated

This applies to life in general. No one trust that you can succeed. And that’s the beauty of things because when you do, it weighs more than other’s success. As you can see, being underestimated isn’t a bad thing at all. I personally strive when I am being underestimated.

4.) No One Takes You Seriously And It’s Ok

It’s ok because their expectations of you are so low. Perhaps they don’t expect anything from you other-than you not getting into trouble. So, you have the leeway to fail or succeed without any undue pressure. When I first told my parents I was going to China for a year, they clearly didn’t take me seriously. That was great because if I had chickened out and decided not to go, they wouldn’t have been disappointed.

5.) They Worry About You

Your parents and siblings constantly worry about you, which means they got your back at all times. They constantly check up on you, and sometimes remind you to get back on track when you are slowly diverting. Having people worry about you is a great feeling.

6.) Nothing Shocks Them…Anymore

Whatever you do doesn’t shock them anymore, they have seen it all. In fact sometimes, they expect you to shock them; if you don’t, they start to wonder if everything is ok with you.

7.) Your Friends Don’t Need To Put On A First Good Impression For Your Parents

They know you guys are crazy, after-all birds of the same feather flock together. The first time I told my parents about my best-friend, they immediate knew she was crazy like me. In fact they have accepted the fact that they have two daughters of a kind, instead of just crazy/irresponsible one.

8.) Your Parents’ Scolding Mean Nothing

You have heard it all. They have scolded you from birth to adolescent, and even as an adult. Now that they can’t beat you like they did when you were a child, they scold. But it normally goes in one ear and comes out in the other. It has even reached a point when they just see you, sigh, shake their heads, and keep doing whatever they were doing. That doesn’t mean they have given up on you. It just means they have given up on your irresponsible actions.

9.) You Can Pursue You Dreams Freely

This goes back to the “you are underestimated” point. Because you are underestimated, you are free to pursue your dreams without being tied to certain responsibilities. We all have that one sibling who we all depend on. That sibling that we all have poured our hopeful eggs into their basket. That one sibling that if he/she decides to leave, we all will be devastated…wanna know something…”That ain’t you.”


10.) You Can Get The Privileges Of The Last Born, If You Are Not Already The Last Born

There is such a thing as the last-born’s privileges, which are sometimes quite similar to the ones mentioned above. As a middle child, it is sometimes hard getting the attention of your parents because that attention is reserved for the first and last born…mostly the last born though. However, when you become that irresponsible child, their attention shifts to you.

Image Source: http://christinagrovewilson.com/2015/08/05/5-steps-to-freedom/

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