Beads for that Casual Look

By Daniella Djiogan

Beads aren’t for children anymore. It’s not like I never grew out of it. I mean I use to play with it as a kid…making them. Now, I just buy them because I don’t have that much time anymore.

It’s not childish…Really!

Beads are great for just your everyday look. Like throwing on that t-shirt and shorts, an occasional watch on your right hand and a bead on the other hand.

It adds color to the outfit. I personally love wearing black and white anytime, any-day. So, I like to add that colorful bead to make it all pop.

Beads don’t work with professional wear, or when wearing a night-out outfit (my personal fav = a red dress). It’s a no no…don’t even try it. For those occasions, wear that way over-priced fancy bracelet you bought.

However, if you are just looking for a casual bracelet that’s better than a wristband, a bead bracelet is the best choice.

20150904_133158 (2)

[I just had to add this pic with my bead bracelets for the heck of it]

Thanks for stopping by~

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