America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22: Drama, Drama, and Drama

by Devina Gunawan

I can’t remember the first cycles of ANTM anymore. To be honest, I can’t remember how old I was when the whole series started. But I’ve picked up since Cycle 21.

But Cycle 22 is on and it’s hot! What I mean by hot is full of drama. It’s ridiculous how much drama that’s going on in that house.

And I’m going to start listing the contestants and what they are to me.

Ashley – The Girl who’s Dating Mikey


Seriously, that’s how I remember her. She started out as this nice girl with dark past and she won over my sympathy; however, she turned cold fast. Suddenly, she’s the chick in the M.A.D crew (Mikey, Ashley, Devin), and she got mean.

Ava – The Sweet Girl Next Door


Ava is so nice. She is such a nice girl that it’s a pain watching her leave. I was truly hoping that Courtney was the one to go.

Bello – The Pretty Blue Eyed Boy


Bello is real. He is a sweetheart with gentle heart, and I like his huge stuffed bear. He looks amazing in pictures and I hope he will do well as a model.

Courtney – The Little Drama Queen


She is photogenic. She’s got nice features. Yet she’s too thin because she barely eats, she doesn’t brush her teeth, and she doesn’t take care of herself. And she whispers gossips to everyone in the house in order to make friends. So watch out for Courtney!

Delanie – The Gorgeous One Who Left Too Soon


In fact, she was the first one to go from the first batch. It was really sad. She’s gorgeous and all, and she was right when she said, “Not everyone looks like me.”

Devin – The Crazy One 


I like Devin. I don’t know why I do, but I do. He’s a part of the M.A.D crew (Mikey, Ashley, Devin) and that part I’m not a fan of, but he’s a good model.

Dustin – The Nice Guy 


Dustin is nice. He is really, really nice and I love him. Heck, everyone loves him. He learned sign language so that he could communicate with Nyle, and that’s the sweetest thing ever. Too bad he had to go.

Hadassah – The Annoying Pageant Girl 


Everyone, well – maybe not everyone, hates Hadassah. She is a pageant girl, and she’s got a lot to say to a lot of things. She’s really pretty, but if only her attitude is half as pretty as she looks…

Justin – The Smooth One 

antm - justin

Justin is the kind of guy any girl wants to date. He’s handsome, smooth, and cool. He doesn’t get involved in the drama, so far, and he’s Mame’s.

Lacey – The Perfect Model 


Lacey’s got it all. She’s gorgeous and she’s got the personality. She stays away from drama and she just focuses on the competition.

Mame – the It Girl 


Mame is the It Girl. She’s stunning, and she made it to the top 5 of Miss USA. She’s also dating Justin. Yup, nuff said.

Mikey – The Horny Guy Who Models Well


It’s true. He’s horny, and he’s a good model. He’s currently hooking up with Ashley, after breaking Courtney’s heart. He’s annoying, but he can model. So I give him that.

Nyle – The Most Beautiful Thing on TV 


Cold shower, anyone? Nyle is the most beautiful thing on ANTM Cycle 22. He is mesmerizing. And to be honest, the fact that he’s deaf, and yet is very positive about life makes him hotter. He’s like Keith from Cycle 21: FLAWLESS.

Stefano – The One I Hate More than Hadassah 


So happy that he’s gone. He is childish, and I was hoping that at some point, Mame would have slapped him or something. But, that never happened. Luckily, in the same episode he got eliminated. Now, that was sweet.

So here’s the recap of the drama: 

The Courtney Drama –

So Mikey and Courtney started out as a flirt-will-they-will-they-not pair, but then Courtney was too much for Mikey to handle and he decided to ditch and move on with Ashley. Courtney, feeling hurt despite mentioning that she got a boyfriend back home, started yapping her way to turning everyone against Mikey and his M.A.D crew. She got Ava, but then Ava was too smart to be fooled and stayed cool while still being nice to her at the same time. At the moment, the only person who feels sorry for Courtney is Nyle.

The Hadassah Drama –

Hadassah loves attention. She likes showing off her curves and asking for opinion on “How hot am I looking right now?” That gets on Mame’s nerves, especially since Hadassah seems to like flaunting it in front of Justin. She’s also high maintenance. Hadassah is a pageant girl, and she grew up with a nanny – something that she claims to be a tragedy – thus, she wants her space and people behaving well. There was also the makeover time when half of her hair was gone and Hadassah cried half the episode, and she said that Tyra hated her. It took Nyle to say, “I’m deaf and I’m not complaining” to snap everyone back to the reality and out of Hadassah’s “I’m so screwed since my hair is gone” land. And we all went, “Hell yeah! Hair can grow, girl!”

The Bello Drama –

I love Bello, and I feel so bad whenever others are talking trash about him. But if you go back and watch the first episode, he does strike audience as a drama queen. He got mad at everyone because someone broke his crown, one he claimed to be worth $200 (Nyle said that it probably costed him $2.99). He also got into a fight with Devin, and another time with Mikey, and he’s just the target to the M.A.D crew. But his huge stuffed bear and his loving personality are gold to me.

The Mame-Justin Drama –

I don’t think anyone truly knows what the heck is going on between these two. Are they or are they not together? They obviously like each other, although they are not as public as Mikey and Ashley. There is also jealousy running everywhere with these two. It seems like the judges want these two to be jealous and to be angry. Sometimes, it feels like the drama is created by the producers just to spice things up.

So, enough drama yet for you audience? It’s totally wicked.

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